LINE DANCING means many things to many people. For some - it's a hobby. For others - it's an activity, exercise, or form of aerobics. For still others - it meets a need, fills a void, facilitates making new friends, fulfills dreams; and for many - it's finding a "new normal" after a life-changing experience or event.

As an instructor, my goal for you is to make this line dance journey fun! Life can be difficult at times, but line dancing can take us away from our worries for a little while as we focus on the task at hand - learning the steps and dancing them.

There are many benefits to line dancing:

  1. Social Aspects - It's a great way to meet people and make friends in a non-threatening, relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Physical Fitness - It helps us burn calories as this dance exercise forces us to move - often accomplishing 8,000 steps or more in a typical class session.
  3. Cardiovascular Fitness - It is a safe way to exercise, allowing each participant to dance at a comfortable level, often lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol levels when done on a regular basis.
  4. Body Strengthening - It helps the weight-bearing bones, slows down bone-mass loss, tones muscles, keeps joints moving, and improves balance.
  5. Mental Health - Studies have shown that line dancing is the activity that involves both the physical (moving to the beat) as well as the mental (remembering the steps) at the same time. This can slow down the onset of Alzheimers.
  6. Stress Relief - Line dancing is led by a command-given leader, forcing the dancer to focus on the steps being called, thus preventing worry - at least while dancing.

Line dancing is a wonderful, enjoyable activity throughout the world and is available right here in Titusville. We dance to all genre of music that anyone can master. It's all a matter of learning the steps, moving to the rhythm, AND NOT GIVING UP!

Yvette Kling - 321-225-4872 - yvettekling@att.net

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January 2016